I'm SEW in love with my new fabric

The good thing about going to craft fairs is that you meet like minded people and can chat about your products. I was lucky enough to be sat next to a lovely lady who told me where I could get some really cool fabric. I'm SEW in love with my new fabric and I can't wait to get started. #sewinlove #fabric #yogabags #yogamatstraps #yogastraps

My First Ever Craft Fair

Super Excited to do my First Ever Craft Fair. It was rather nerve racking, but all the other stall holders were so friendly and gave me loads of tips and advice. I had a brilliant day and really enjoyed myself. Thank you to everyone who came to see me. xx #craftfair #yogamatstraps #yogabags #totebags

My Sewing Shed

This is my Sewing Shed. Nobody, other than me, is allowed in! There’s no mess in there only creativity.... #sewingshed #sewingcave #sewingroom

Yoga Mat Strap The Wizard of Oz

Had fun today making this strap. The emerald green and ruby red reminded me of the Wizard of Oz. I love that film and seem to watch it every Christmas. Theres no place like home!! You can buy this strap here #yogamatstrap #jacquardyogamatstrap #yogamatsling #yogamatstrapvideo

My Kind of HouSEWork

If you know me then you'll know that anything and everything is prioritised before houSEWork. Id rather be Sewing, Baking or meeting friend for Coffee. That's not to say my house is a pig sty - I do eventually scurry around cleaning everything, its just in my head I'm saying "Id rather be Sewing"..... Click here to see Yoga Mat Strap made out of this material #yogamatstrap #housework #sewing #baking

Reverse Prayer Hands to relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain

Sometimes when I'm sewing I end up slumped over my machine intent on my creation and before I know it my neck and shoulders are sore. Reverse Prayer Hands, for me is luxury. It allows me to stretch my body back to the correct position. Isn't Yoga fabulous for teaching you how to move your body to relieve pain and relax your body. #reverseprayerhands #yoga #reliveneckandshoulderpain #PaschimNamaskarasana

Chakra Buttons

I love buttons. When I was a kid my Mum had an old sweet tin full of buttons and I used to play "schools" with them. Anyway I was sorting through some buttons and thought these would be perfect - I'm thinking of a Chakra Bag? #yoga #chakra #buttons #sewing

Yoga Tree Pose Tote Bag

I still find Tree Pose very hard to do. Firstly my foot only seems to be able to make it to my knee. Ive tried putting it up higher but there's no way its staying put. I'm not sure why that is - maybe its due to tight hips or leg strength. Sometimes my teacher tells us to shut our eyes during tree pose. Usually at this point I end up in a heap on the floor. Perhaps I should call it "Timber Pose"... This is a little snippet of a Tree Pose Tote Bag that I'm creating. It will be in my shop to buy very soon. #TreePose #yoga #Totebag #yogatotebag #gymbag #timberpose #sewing

Kids Camera Bag

My lovely granddaughter India, who is 8 has asked for a Camera for Christmas, so we've ordered her one from Father Christmas (please don't tell her if you see her!) but I couldn't find a nice camera bag for it. Hence, I'm making one. I found some gorgeous material with cameras on it and have teamed it with a bit of washed denim. I've appliqued the lens onto the front and I'm going to put some buttons on the bag to replicate the usual buttons you would find on a camera. Wish me luck! #camerabag #camera #denimbag #shoulderbag #kidscamerabag #sewing #applique

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