Tree Pose Yoga Mat Strap

The forecast was for snow, so we got up bright and early to do a photo shoot of the Tree Pose Yoga Mat Strap. However, no snow only sleet - yikes! We decided we'd still do the photo shoot so whilst I'm smiling in the picture I'm absolutely freezing my little toes off, with only a sludgy walk in the mud back home to look forward too. #treeposeyogamatstrap #treeposeyogamatholdall #yoga #yogaapparel #yogaaccessories

No Mud, No Lotus Flower

Sometimes we fall down. Sometimes everything falls apart. Sometimes we land in the mud. ...but if there is no mud, there would be no lotus flower #lotusflower #nomudnolotus #yogatotebag #yogabag #lotusflowertotebag

Chakra Buttons Yoga Mat Strap

Loved making this Yoga Mat Strap. Its a denim strap with a touch of green retro fabric at the ends, but the thing I had the most fun with was the chakra inspired buttons. When I was a kid I used to love playing in my Mums button tin and it brought all those feelings back choosing buttons for this strap. Hope this strap finds a forever happy yogi home x See this strap in the shop #chakra #yogamatstrap #yogastrap #buttons #chakrabuttons #yoga

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