Sewing a Zabuton Floor Cushion, Yoga, Meditation

Me and my lovely (but grumpy) husband Dave went to Northallerton the other day. Its only about 40 minutes by car from Saltburn, but I havent been there for years. Anyway, we ventured into Bettys Tea Rooms for a pot of Jasmine Tea, Soup and Cheesecake (its not even my Birthday - whats he upto?) followed by a trip around the charity shops looking for old LP's for our record player. I happened to find this lovely old bedspread from "St Michael" (Marks & Spencers) which I thought would make lovely Zabutons and Yoga/Meditation Cushions. We promptly got the shopkeepers life story about breaking her arm on the ice (honestly we were glazing over and I kept kicking Dave to stop encouraging her to

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