September 22, 2019

Are you lucky enough to be going on a retreat?  These tote bags are perfect for taking your drink, purse, blocks, blanket etc with you.

If you're a yoga teacher and looking for a gift for your students, I can offer a 10% discount for orders over 15.

Other designs are ava...

June 26, 2018

I'm so lucky to work from home.  Today I moved into the garden surrounded by flowers, birds and lots of sunshine.  Making another Upward Dog Tote Bag.  It looks a bit like an alien mermaid now!

Buy this bag here

March 7, 2018

My lovely Yogi Friend has nicknamed this Yoga Tote Bag design "Om Pom Pom Yoga Pose".  It sooo made me laugh.  I cannot for the life of me do this pose, so if anyone out there can do this then you have my full admiration. 

The Om Pom Pom Yoga Pose is going to...

December 14, 2017

Sometimes we fall down. Sometimes everything falls apart. Sometimes we land in the mud. ...but if there is no mud, there would be no lotus flower

November 4, 2017

I still find Tree Pose very hard to do.  Firstly my foot only seems to be able to make it to my knee.  Ive tried putting it up higher but there's no way its staying put.  I'm not sure why that is - maybe its due to tight hips or leg strength.  Sometimes my teacher tell...

October 16, 2017

I never ever thought I would become a Gym Bunny.  At the age of 47 I found yoga and life couldn't be better.  I actually wake up on a morning looking forward to my class.  It not only makes me feel good but Ive also made loads of new friends.  As I always say to my fri...

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