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Why Upcycle Pre Loved Clothes

Normal is Boring

If you're anything like me, then you are fed up with going to the high street to find the same old boring chain stores, all selling the same generic items. It seems that what ever you like, your friend already has it or Nancy in accounts has one similar! Its Oh Soooo Boring.

Be Original, Nobody Likes a Copy Cat

Luckily I see things starting to change. Little boutiques are starting to appear on the high streets again, cute craft shops selling unique one of a kind pieces. This surely has to be more fun and brings each and everyone's personality back instead of being slaves to fashion.

Creativity is Making Marvelous out of the Discarded

Why not refashion old pre-loved clothes and make them into unique and individual Yoga Mat Bags. What is old is new again, but with a twist. Nobody else in the whole universe will have one the same. They're fun, your personality will shine through pushing your own unique style to a new stratosphere. Its easy to look in a catalogue and buy a complete outfit, why don't you take a second and think what does this say about me. Am I a photocopy or a unique masterpiece?

The Beauty of Old Treasure

The details on a lot of clothes are so beautiful, with beads, sequins, embroidery etc. Whenever I start on a new project I have an idea in my mind of how it will work out, but in truth it just gets better because I get inspired as I go along and a little thrill of excitement as a new Yoga Bag is born.

Be Original Be You

I hope you love my Yoga Bags - each and everyone was made with love and was made with you in mind. Because if you've read this blog then you are Bold, Brave, Strong, Happy, Free and above all else an Original!

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