Hand Painted Yoga Tote Bag featuring Backbend Bow Pose

SKU: Bow Pose

Hand Painted Yoga Tote Bag featuring Bow Pose.  Remember doing this pose easily when you were a kid?  Not so much now huh!  You can reach one foot fine but scrabble around with your other arm, waving it around trying to locate your other foot.  Yep your'e with me! Impossible...


Great for a present for a friend or your yoga teacher or perhaps you're planning a yoga retreat and want to give your Yogis a little present. 


Just choose which tote bag design you like by entering the corresponding number on the picture in the comments. 


Tote Bag measures  : 38cm x 42cm. Handle Length : 70cm. Approx.


Bag can be washed at 30 degrees





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