paisley blue yoga lavender eye pillow

Yoga Lavender Eye Pillow in Paisley Blue Cotton Lawn, Sleep Mask

SKU: Paisley Blue Lavender eye pillow

Paisley Blue Cotton Lawn Lavender and Flax seed Eye Pillow. This fabric is so soft it feels like silk.

Filled with organic lavender and Flax Seed for weight. The lavender is a variety which has a wonderfully strong perfume which lasts for a very long time once dried.

Eye pillows are beneficial for relaxing, aiding sleep and inducing a feeling of wellbeing. They are also used in Savasana and Nidra yoga and as an aid to meditation.

Rest from stress with this Eye Pillow which helps eyes and central nervous system to release and relax tension from driving, computer screen glare, travelling and mobile phone use.

The natural fragrance calms the m