yoga mat strap with tree pose figure

Yoga Mat Strap in Chocolate Brown Suede and Green Velvet

SKU: suede belt

This Handmade Yoga Mat Strap will be perfect to help carry your yoga mat to practice.  It can also be used as a stretching strap to help you get into those "impossible" poses! 


Upcycled from a belt from a suede coat.  Olive Green Velvet has been attached to the ends of the belt and two Tree Pose Figures added to the front.   Its a totally unique strap, super tactile and fun.


Life can be tricky, but transporting your yoga mat doesn't have to be! This strap is universal - it will adjust to fit any size mat. Can be worn over or across the shoulder. No clumsy bag, twisting elastic or loud Velcro interrupting the mojo of your class. Simple, cute & easy!


Loops at each end of this strap means it easily goes around the ends of your yoga mat for a quick and simple get away from class.


This Yoga Mat Holder can also be used for pilates mats.




In all Measures 75" long x 1.5" wide.


On a standard mat, the carry handle is approx 34" in length.


Two loops on each end to easily slide your mat in and out


Can be worn over the shoulder or across the body