Yoga Meditation Floor Cushion in Deep Red Sparkly Velour with Kapok Filling

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I bought this lovely fabric on a visit to Harrogate for the Harrogate Knitting & Stitching.  If you've never been and you love crafting, its well worth a visit.  Spread over 4 huge rooms, you can certainly get lost in there!  


The velour deep red sparkly fabric is really soft and luxurious.  Its gathered on both sides and finished in the middle with a handmade flower and kapok filled soft button. 


The floor cushion is filled with Organic Kapok.  If you've never heard of this, think of the most squidgy teddy bear you can imagine and it is more than likely filled with this.  Kapok is the seed pod fluff of a rain forest tree called the Ceiba tree or the silk cotton tree. The pods are harvested and the trees are left standing.


If you're just starting out in Yoga or Meditation and find it hard to sit on the floor in a crossed legged position then this could be for you.   


A Yoga Meditation Cushion helps discomfort by raising your hips, therefore allowing your knees to drop to the floor allowing you to sit in a straighter upright position.


This cushion supports the natural curvature of the spine, making sitting for longer much more comfortable.


Wouldnt this look lovely in a Yoga Meditation Studio at home.  Perfect as a present for friends or just as a decadent floor cushion.


This Zafu Floor Cushion measures 14" wide is 5" deep and weighs 380g







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