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Hi, I'm Janet and I make fun and unique Yoga Mat Straps, Bags & Cushions so you can go to your Yoga Practice in Style.


With my love of Sewing and Yoga I decided to make Yoga Mat Bags, Mat Carriers and Meditation Cushions.  Hopefully you find them fun, bright and a perfect fit for Yoga or perfect Gifts for that Yoga Friend.


Hi I'm Janet and I love Yoga and Sewing. When I'm not at Yoga I'm sewing, when I'm not sewing I'm at Yoga and in between I'm thinking about Yoga and Sewing! I'm lucky enough to have a summer house at the bottom of the garden. In this room sewing just happens, time seems to speed up and before I know it I have created "things". I don't know how it happens it just does! xx

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