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Sewing a Zabuton Floor Cushion, Yoga, Meditation

Me and my lovely (but grumpy) husband Dave went to Northallerton the other day. Its only about 40 minutes by car from Saltburn, but I havent been there for years. Anyway, we ventured into Bettys Tea Rooms for a pot of Jasmine Tea, Soup and Cheesecake (its not even my Birthday - whats he upto?) followed by a trip around the charity shops looking for old LP's for our record player. I happened to find this lovely old bedspread from "St Michael" (Marks & Spencers) which I thought would make lovely Zabutons and Yoga/Meditation Cushions. We promptly got the shopkeepers life story about breaking her arm on the ice (honestly we were glazing over and I kept kicking Dave to stop encouraging her to speak anymore). Soooo, Ive started sewing the Zabuton by putting some piping around the corners and the fringe detail is going to be sewn onto the side, oh and theres the inner cushion to make...... Hope you like!

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