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extra large elephant yoga mat bag

ExtraExtra Large Yoga Mat Bag with elephants in Navy Blue, strong canvas straps

SKU: extra large elephant yoga bag

Extra Large Yoga Mat Bag with a lovely procession of Elephants in navy and white with strong blue canvas straps

This large yoga mat bag is big enough to take a large cork yoga mat (diameter 8") and a small yoga mat (diameter 4") and still leaves plenty of room for a blanket etc (as seen in picture)

The Yoga Bag is fully lined in cream cotton. There is a pocket inside measuring 10" long by 5" deep, perfect for keeping your keys and mobile phone.

The width of the bag is 10" and the height 13", it will take a mat that is 27" wide. Strong carrying straps are approx 30" long.

This bag can be washed at 30 degrees.

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