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yoga star headband

Star Headband twisted turban in blue, grey and green, running band, Yoga


Y o u ' r e   a   S T A R


Lovely Soft Stretch Jersey twisted headband with stars in blue, grey and green.

Hair can get in the way of your workout big style. Maybe you can tie it up in a ponytail but your fringe gets in your eyes or you're sick of doing upward dog and only able to see your hair!

This stretchy workout band is cute and simple, perfect for styling up your workout wardrobe, or even as a cool beach turban in summer!

The sports headband has a simple twist which you can wear at the front of your head or turn it round to the back to have a simple band.

This is a one size headband which should fit most adults. The approx circumference is 19" and is 4" wide.

Wash at 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry.