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How to get a Yoga Body

It really is this simple! Once you take the scary plunge into Yoga you will feel the benefits almost immediately. I felt like I was walking taller, my shoulders were back and my chest thrust forward. I felt sure if someone saw me in the street they would know that I had done Yoga, it felt that obvious to me. I know it sounds strange that a little bit of stretching will help your body, but believe me it really does work. I'm not talking about loosing weight and looking good, I'm talking about stretching every limb of your body so that your body feels absolutely fabulous. No longer will you need tablets for aches and pains in your neck and back etc. You'll start with 1 class a week and soon realise that if you do 2 classes you will feel better and then it escalates to 3 or 4 .... Above all else enjoy your Yoga Journey.

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